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A better decision today, a bright future tommorrow.

Why Go Solar Go Green? Go solar go green is 100% Australian Own & Operated Solar Company which strives holistic solar solutions with quality, cost savings, effectiveness and environmental sustainability in mind.

We have great track records when it comes to customer satisfaction. More than 40% Business are come through Customers Referral. Thats makes us to proud. We are experienced experts with an excellent track record in residential, commercial, and large scale projects.

Solar System is a long term commitment, for choosing to install Solar System to Save Money and that we understand. Go Solar Go Green design team go through thoroughly each and every Customer's inquiry and their electricity usage profile ensuring your Solar system gives the best Performance and financial benefits.

We create and deliver effective solar solutions to serve our Local society, enhance the quality of life, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

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A better decision today, a bright future tommorrow.

Energy Consultation

1. GO SOLAR GO GREEN provides comprehensive consulting on your energy consumption.

2. We analyze your usage and Charges that you are paying Read More..

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1. Technical support,delivered in simple terms-
Thereís a big difference between understanding technology and making technology work for others. Read More..

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A good solar installer is similar in nature to a conductor of a symphony, coordinating the different players to make a successful project a reality. Read More..

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Customer is FIRST , we believe on this & with attitude we have achieved many miles stone successfully and that's why our Referral percentage are more ... Read More..

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A better decision today, a bright future tommorrow.

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A better decision today, a bright future tommorrow.

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