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Our Story

It was a Friday night and few of the friends were enjoying the hot sunny evening at Geelong Waterfront. When friends meet, they discuss politics, technology or any series issues. Viral raised a question of global warming and how we humans are affecting this planet in an adverse way. Arguments and arguments and finally they came to a conclusion that if we want to bring the change then it all starts with us. Viral decided to install renewable energy at his home and after a week I made up his mind to install solar panels that can generate at least half of his daily electricity needs.

This made Virally disappointed. He could not understand how people will motivate if they receive such bad customer support. Solar is not an easy decision to take. You need to invest in the beginning to receive the fruits in the future.

However, that experience did not go well. After a few months, Viral got a really bad damage of water leakage from the ceiling. This was because of the solar work is done on the rooftop. A long conversation with the installer and finally that too did not work. They did not take responsibility and gave the excuse of contract that Viral has signed that states no warranty of rooftop.

And this moment, Viral decided to help people with great service, customer experience that not only limited to bring more business but also after sales experience. Today Go Solar Go Green stands on his vision that is helping thousands of Victorians to switch to green energy.

Our Philosophy

At Go Solar Go Green, we believe that No job is small or big for us. We have done major jobs like , farms, dairy, commercial building , clinics, and more .we work all part of Victoria .We worked for Clients are from Dandenong South to Apollo bay and from Woodonga to Colac.

" TRUST & RELIABLE " is MUST in any business and GSGG firmly believe in that and deliver to their client. And thats why We proudly say that 40% of our Business are " REFERRALS " which itself says our How good we are.

Our Business policy is simple :" WE ARE NOT CHEAP THE ONLY REASON is, We only have PREMIUM PRODUCT TO OFFER " , We ONLY have category Tier 1 WITH AFFORDABLE PRICE don't have Tier 2 or 3. Where as Other Solar Company charges EXTRA to have PREMIUM PRODUCT People trust on our business because we keep it simple and strait with no SURPRISES.

Our work station

Go Solar Go Green is a Geelong, VIC based small but very efficient solar firm. We have experienced technicians, installers and customer support executives. Our sales team do not focus on targets, but they focus on establishing the relationship. We value quality and efficiency. Our workplace is just as cool as your home. Most of our people work remotely, with flexible timing. We do meet often over a drink and a success party.

Our team comprised of sales, marketing, technicians (electricians) and designers. We also work with our finance partners and corporate partners to deliver end-to-end solutions. Our various finance options are easy to understand and offer great value for money.

At the moment, we are a team of 28 highly skilled professionals. They all work together as a single team and contributing towards the overall success of each project that Go Solar Go Green takes.

Viral Rathod

Sales Manager


Solar Installer


IT Partner, Manager


IT Partners

Our Team

People work for GOSOLARGOGREEN because they enjoy it. They enjoy making our customers happy with the products that they install. They enjoy the flexibility and independence that GOSOLARGOGREEN offer to them. They are individual performers working togather for the common goal. Everyone is responsible for the outcome.

Apply for the available roles if you are passionate about bringing change to the world. You should be quick learner. At GOSOLARGOGREEN, we provide right training that makes you a successful professional in Solar Industry. We provides career development and professional growth.

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