Who is GSGG Commercial Solar ?

Go Solar Go Green Commercial Solar has established in 2016 with the goal to improve the standard of commercial solar installations in Geelong & Victoria. With High honest, the highest level of technical standards a constant innovation, we find to make solar power truly conventional in our sun-rich country.

30 KW Commercial Solar Project - Auseal Curuitse
  • Auseal Curite - Business has been in the Dandenong Ranges for many years ,operated by wonderful people.
  • Saving APPX. 10K Per Year
  • 3.1 Years Pay Back
30 KW Moorabool Valley Chocolate
  • Moorabool Valley Chocolate began in May 2005, operating from a farmhouse kitchen built in the 1920s. That was soon outgrown, and a bedroom at the front of the house was converted into a commercial kitchen.
  • Saving APPX. 8K Per Year
  • 3.4 Years Pay Back
15 KW Guardian Pharmacy - Solar EDGE Power Optimiser
  • The pharmacy has been Serving to Local community in the Geelong for more then 6 years, Owner is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of the local community.
  • Saving APPX. 6K Per Year
  • 3 Years Pay Back
10 KW Mechanical Shop Wodonga
  • This Busniess establish in 2000 in wodonga ,Victoria
  • Saving APPX. 8K Per Year
  • 2.8 Years Pay Back

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