• Go Solar Go Green strives to provide its customers and stakeholders with the highest quality service and is committed to following best practice industry guidelines. Go Solar Go Green has implemented the complaints handling process detailed below to ensure any complaints that may arise are managed and resolved efficiently. Go Solar Go Green are also committed to learning from feedback provided to us by our most valuable stakeholders.

What is a complaint:

  • We see a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance made to us about our products, services or the way we've managed a complaint or situation.


  • We will strive to resolve all complaints at the time they are raised. However, if we need to investigate further, we will aim to tell you what we're doing to resolve it within three working days.
  • The time we spend investigating a complaint is determined by its seriousness and complexity, but we're committed to resolving all complaints within 20 working days of becoming aware of them.
  • Sometimes we might not be able to resolve a complaint within the time frames set out above. If that's the case, we'll contact you and explain the reason for the delay and give you an estimated time frame for resolution.
  • While a complaint is being investigated, we will communicate with you regularly to ensure you are updated on progress.
  • If you are not happy with how your complaint has been resolved, we will escalate the complaint to the next level of management within the company for review.
  • If you would like to escalate the complaint outside the company, the contact details for The Clean Energy Council and Consumer Affairs VIC are provided below..
Company Number (03) 5200 9219
Company Email
Office Address 15 Ashcroft Drive, Charlemont - Vic -321
Clean Energy Council 03 9929 4100
Consumer Affairs VIC 1300 55 81 81

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