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Follow these simple and get effective tips to get the most out of your Solar Power.

Where possible use your power intensive appliances during the daytime when your solar power system is generating the most power. These include appliances such as your washing machine, dishwasher, clothes dryer, vacuum cleaner.

Load up your power intensive appliances at night, and turn them on as you leave for work to take full advantage of your Solar Power Timers can be bought that switch on an appliance for a specific time. These smart devices will ensure your power intensive appliances are using your own energy. Many modern appliances will have inbuilt timers.

And remember, when leaving for long periods at a time,turn off apliances at the power point.

What is the difference between Premium solar technology and standard solar technology ?

When investing in a long-term home-improvement like Solar Power, your main considerations should be,

Howmuch research and development has gone into the engineering ofthe equipment?

The quality control behind the system processes?

Howfinancially stable is the manufacturer?

Go Solar Go Green utilises the best technology in Solar Power manufacturing to ensure the product is world class. Build robust enough to handle to tough Australian conditions, our Solar system will see you a lifetime of energyproduction.

How long does an installation take?

Generally, a smaller unit can be installed in half a day, with a largersized system taking up the bestpart ofa day.

Do I need to service or maintain my system?
It is important that regular maintenance is carried out on your solar panel system. Undertaking regular maintenance will ensure your solar panel system is operating safely, correctly and efficiently. Over time dust and debris will build up on your solar panels, which may compromise the performance of your solar panel system. In addition, water and moisture seepage, vermin, hail, wind and sunlight can all cause damage or deterioration to your system. By ensuring regular routine maintenance is undertaken, you can ensure your solar panel system is safe for everyone living in the premises, along with electrical workers working on the distribution network. Routine maintenance will also ensure system performance is maintained, allowing you to maximise savings on your power bills for many years. Just like running a car, regular servicing is the best way to ensure your solar panel system keeps operating safely, correctly and efficiently.
What happens if it is cloudy?

All our premium products has been engineered and tested to work under low light conditions, and have shown a wide spectrum of light responsiveness.

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