Why Solar

Why Solar

Clean & Green Energy

Solar energy systems provide green, renewable power by exploiting sunlight. Photovoltaic (PV) panels are used as an alternative energy source. Consequently, the more we use PV panels (or other renewable energy technologies) to cover for our energy needs, the more we help reduce our impact to the environment by reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Long Lifespan

Solar panels constitute a reliable, industrially matured, green technology for the exploitation of solar energy. Solar panel companies give valuable warranties for the panels in terms of both panel life span (years of life) and the panels efficiency levels across time. Solar panels can last up to 25 years or more, some with a maximum efficiency loss of 18% only, even after 20 years of operation.

Quit & Reliable

Solar panels operate autonomous without any noise generation as they do not incorporate any moving mechanical parts. In some cases solar panels may be mounted on adjustable rotating basis which is mounted on a fixed pole and allows some movement for better and longer solar tuning the solar panel to follow the sun. Even in this adjustable PV systems, the movements are almost do not generate any disturbances.

Low Maintenance Cost

With respect to operating costs and maintenance costs, solar panels, unlike other renewable energy technologies, require minimum operating or maintenance costs; just performing some regular cleaning of the panel surface is adequate to keep them operating at highest efficiency levels as stated by manufacturers specs. These regular serviceses are easy to do and do not cost a lot. This can be done by any electricians.

Descrising Solar Cost

As solar adoption and applications increases, widespread use and development has driven costs down. Its popularity is further driven by ease of installation and decreasing cost of PVs; which make solar power not only a smart investment, but also a highly sustainable solution for powering the present as well as the future.

Reduce Electricity Bill

When you own a solar energy system and begin to generate your own power, your electricity bill will drop. This is because you are buying less electricity from the grid. Any excess electricity generated during the day will be exported into the grid.

How Solar System works

Solar Panels

During the daylight, Solar panels capture sunlight and convert solar power it into Direct Current DC.

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter converts DC power into AC (Alternate Current) power, that is compatible with your home power system.

Solar Battery

An excess energy that is not being used by you can be stored by a solar battery. This is just like a power bank that you can use later.

Power Grid

Any excess energy that you are not going to use or store is pushed back into the grid. This energy is measured and calculated (feed-in tariff) to credit your account. You can also (automatically) draw energy when you need it.

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