• GO SOLAR GO GREEN offers a comprehensive warranty package on all solar systems sold. Your rights under this warranty sit alongside the consumer guarantees, which are applied under the Australian Consumer Law

What is covered?

System warranty

GO SOLAR GO GREEN’s offers, at a minimum, a 5-year performance and operation warranty on your entire solar system. However, beyond CEC’s requirements, much of system is warranted for 10 years as detailed below.
  • Workmanship has a 10-year performance and operational warranty.
  • Balance of supply (all materials apart from the inverter, panels and rail come with a 5- year warranty).
  • Panel warranty (specified in the quote) comes with a minimum 10/25-year warranty.
  • Rail warranty (specified in the quote) comes with a 10-year warranty as serviced by the manufacturer.
  • The inverter warranty is specified on the quote. It is always at a minimum a 5 year, but often a 10-year warranty is standard.


  • Fault or damage caused by external factors or events (e.g. vandalism).
  • Damage caused to the system by extreme weather (we recommend that you update your home insurance policy to cover the solar system and such events).
  • Damaged caused to the system by Animals (possums, cockatoos etc.).
  • Faults or damage caused by the electricity network.
  • Items that are visual in nature or do not affect the performance of the system.
  • Faults or damage caused by the electricity network.
  • Non-compliance with operating instructions.
  • Incidental or consequential loss in relation to a fault or defect.

What happens after the system warranty period?

  • In the event of a fault or defect, you can still rely on the product warranties provided by the manufacturers of the equipment supplied as part of the system (for example, the 25 year performance warranty associated with Solar Panels).
    Go Solar Go Green is your first point of contact regarding any potential warranty claims associated with your system and will provide assistance in lodging warranty claims and obtaining warranty resolution from the relevant manufacturer.
    Our product suppliers are all Tier 1, high quality manufacturers of Solar PV equipment with many years of field experience. Many of the products we supply come with an on-site labour warranty (proving coverage after 5 years) to minimize out of pocket expenses. You should consult the relevant warranty documentation in relation to the specific products to determine if labour is covered after 5 years. Product Warranty documents have been provided to you as part of your System Document Pack.

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